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All About the Walker's

Hello all!  
I am Nicole; a wife to Shannon and a mother to Kyle, Brennan and Lexi.  Shannon and I have been married for 8 years.  We have 3 babies, Kylee, Brennan and Lexi.  Kylee is our little princess.  She is 6..  Brennan is out little monkey!  He is 2.  Our 3rd baby is Lexi.  She is a chihuahua and 8 years old.  They are the most precious babies EVER!
I am a teacher and starting at a new school this year!  I am going to a school that is closer to home and will be teaching 1st grade.  I am so excited!
Shannon and I love to travel and be on the go.  We mainly like to travel to the beach, but also enjoy going to football and baseball games.  We both love sports.  Shannon pretty much loves any sport and I mainly love football.  We tend to butt heads when it comes to football.  My team is the TN Vols and his is Alabama!  One thing we can always agree on though is to pull for an SEC team!

Kylee is our 1st baby so she is a little spoiled!  She was the 1st grandbaby on both sides of the family.  Kylee enjoys playing with baby dolls, dressing up, and singing/dancing.  She is going to be a little girly girl! =)

Brennan is our newest edition.  He is the most precious little boy ever!  He shines his little dimples and will melt your heart!

Lexi, aka LuLu, loves to sleep!  Oh yea, and eat!!  She is also a little spoiled and thinks she is a princess!!

This is my family of the Wonderful Walkers.  Hope you enjoy our stories as much as I do!