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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturdays at the Walkers

The weekends are pretty laid back around here since we've had kids. Before kids we were constantly on the go. Every weekend we had something going on, something to attend, or somewhere to be. Now days, it's totally different and I love it. I love not being busy all the time and I love just hanging out at the house. On Saturdays we watch cartoons, play games, and sometimes clean the house. The last one is not a fun one.....

Today is no different. We've been up for about an hour and haven't accomplished much at all!  But that's ok because it's Saturday and we have a LONG weekend!  Just perfect!

Tonight, we are going to a Grizz game!  We've been to several games and Ky has been to one. But B hasn't been yet and tonight will be his first time!  He's so excited!  I know he'll love it! 

We plan on going a little early and eating downtown. We're also hoping to see the Grizz band before the game! It's always fun to see and the kids love it!  

We are excited about the long weekend! 

How are you spending your weekend?


Saturday, January 2, 2016


So this year is off to a great start!  We have a lot of good things happening around here and we're so excited, but first I'll catch you up on how we spent our New Year's Eve. 

The usual crowd got together, kids and all and rung in the New Year at our house. There was football watching, game playing, doll playing, dress up, appetizers, and more!  

We had a blast!! 

Speaking of big orange football....the Vols brought in the new year with a huge win! Don't they say how you spend the new year, is how the year will be spent...or something like that! Regardless of how it's said, the Vols will be winners in 2016! Can't wait to see what football season brings in the fall!

Some things I am excited about....

B is potty trained!! We started Sunday and he has rocked it!! I am so proud of him!  He had no interest at all so I thought it would be super hard. Oh did he prove me wrong! So proud of my big boy! 

So I am now a Nerium Brand partner!  I am so excited about this new adventure! Nerium is the real deal!  If you haven't heard of it or haven't tried it, let me know!  You will not regret it.  I promise!!

The date has been extended to January 4th!!  If joining as a brand partner is not something you want to, I can still hook you up with product as a preferred customer!  

Another thing I'm thrilled about is This smoothie challenge!

I recently purchased their book and have been doing smoothies and absolutely LOVE them!  I love how they make me feel and the way they taste!  I joined this challenge to get different recipes and make sure I have one each day!  

Coming in June of 2016...
   My sister's wedding!!!
I am so excited for her!  We have been waiting on the right guy for a while and she finally found him!! She's getting married on the beach this summer!!

2016 is going to rock!

What do you have going on?


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Break Post #2 - The aftermath

Well looky there!  I actually made a post #2!  Go me! Lol

We are still enjoying our Christmas Break and we definitely enjoyed our Christmas!  

That's how I feel about now....

For those of you who don't know, we have a ginormous family so we have 182 stops to make each Christmas....which is fine with me. We get to see everyone!  Some we see all the time and others we just see on special holidays. 

We've had Christmas at Grannie's, G Daddy's, candle light at church, Grannie's again, Grandma's, and more today! We stay busy!  

This kids helped cook breakfast at my dads, aka G Daddy. They had a blast flipping pancakes!

Candle light is always nice. I love standing in the circle around the church and holding a candle while singing Silent Night. It's a great way to remember the REAL reason for the season and share it with the kids. I did not get a picture in fear that we may burn the place down!  Lol

We had to put out the reindeer food for Santa's reindeer, too!  We don't want them to be hungry while Santa gets all the treats!

Christmas morning was the best!!  We now can really enjoy it with both of the kids. B is old enough now where he really knows what's going on and Ky is always a joy! 

Santa left them a note that they could hold their elves Christmas Day!  He said that he gave Peyton, our TN elf, extra magic to give Snowbelle and Spider-Man when they were through loving them. And that would get them back to the North Pole!  They're gone this morning....thank goodness!!

Last night we had my mom's house, aka Grandma's. The kids got all kinds of stuff!  I would say they racked up for sure. I guess it's time to clean out closets and toys again!  

So I'm gonna get to cleaning. We have  family coming in a bit and my house is a disaster! 

Until next time.....

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Break post #1 (there may or may not be a #2....)

So the last time I wrote was Thanksgiving Break. Slacker. I know!  

Life is sooooo busy between Thanksgiving and Christmas and you blink and its gone!  

We'll play a little catch up from then until now...which is the beginning of our Christmas Break (which if you blink, it will be gone)! 

I love Christmas time!  I love the lights, the music, the snacks, and the family time. If I had the time or the patience, I would have lights all over my house, inside and outside!  

One of our favorite things is Christmas City. We usually go through about 5 or 6 times during the holidays. It opens right after Thanksgiving and stays open until after Chrismtas so we have plenty of chances to drive through.  Christmas City is great!  It's put up by a church and the Rose of Sharon campground. It's meant to share the true meaning of Chrsitmas, but also has Santa, a train ride, and different character displays. The kids LOVE it!  This year they added some new displays, one being the Avengers!  
So fun and a great time to share the story of Chrismtas!  

At school this year, we had a Christmas craft night. It was a huge success. My students loved it, as well as my own!  They got to come and make crafts with daddy!!

Christmas week at school is always fun and chaotic!  As a teacher, I have a love/hate relationship with the week before break!! We always have lots of fun things going on, but also a lot of testing...??? Pretty crazy huh!!? 

So fun, but so glad to have 2 weeks to rest and regroup!  Lol

So now that our Christmas break has begun, we've been taking it easy for the most part. But this weekend we went shopping to finish up.....and it was so not taking it easy!  It was so crowded!! 

We went both Saturday and Sunday!  Ri. Dic. U. Lous!

So today I am chilling at the house with the kiddos!! I do have to make some treats and wash some clothes, but I can do that in my PJs!  

And tonight........I am going out with these fabulous ladies!

We're having a GNO in Tunica!!!! Watch out comes trouble!!

Hopefully we can come home with our purses full of extra cash and not empty....

Until next time.....

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Break!

We had a wonderful break!  Sad it's almost over, but so glad that I'm a teacher and get this time off with my family and friends!  

The kids and I spent the most of our time at home this week. We played, put the Christmas tree up, watched movies, and made ornaments!  

Our ornaments turned out cute and we gifted them for grandparents!  I love homemade gifts!  So precious and the process makes such wonderful memories! 

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful, as well!  We always have a big time and eat lots of yummy food!! We start off at my grandmother's house, where my huge family gathers to hang out, catch up, and chow down!  We always have so much food!  I think I have gained 10 pounds since Thursday!

After we ate there, we had to come home and get ready for my husband's family to come over. I made the Mac and cheese. I used my grandmother's recipe for the first time and it was the bomb!  I was worried it wouldn't turn out that great because she's an awesome cook and me...not so much!  But it was a hit so I know I'll be making it again!  

Our little nephew was in town. We love when he's home so the kids can play. He is only about 4 months younger than B so they are fun to watch and are 2 of a kind!! I see some trouble in their future...

We also had our annual "friendsgiving" aka the SAT (Saturday after thanksgiving) party....which was turned into the FAT party (Friday after thanksgiving) party this year!  It was nice to have an adult night with our closest friends. 

Can you tell we had a selfie stick??!  We're so old and behind. But it was so fun!  Lol

While we had adult night the kids hung with their T. They had a camp out in the living room!! They had a blast!

Well I hope y'all enjoyed your break as much as we did. Real world begins in just 1 more day....

Until next time...