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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!!

I was very glad when I woke up this morning to the "ting-ting" of ice hitting my window! I rushed to turn on the TV and saw those wonderful words scrolling across the screen...Tipton County Schools- CLOSED!!! What a great feeling! So back to bed I went. (BTW, Kylee let me sleep until 7:30 this morning!!)

This is Kylee's first snow so I had to take her out in it. Yes, it was very cold, but I bundled her up with layers on layers. Her snow outfit that her Momma T bought was too little and so was the hand-me-down that Say Say gave her, so we had to improvise. It all worked out and I got this very cute picture. She would not smile for me. She was wondering what in the world we were doing with her outside without a blanket over her head! And the snow was too bright, so she had to squint. She looks a bit mad, but it turned out very very cute.

Her first's definitely going in the scrapbook.

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