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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We've got a crawler!!

Today I witnessed a miracle!! My 10 month and 1 day old baby crawled!!!!!! I am super excited. I just knew she wasn't going to crawl. I figured she would just skip it all together because she has had no interest in it. But today she did it!! We are so proud. Kylee and I had a long talk last Sunday. I told her she had to crawl before next Sunday because I go back to work Monday and I did not want to miss it. She listened! I am truly blessed to have such a good listener for a daughter! =)

She is growing up so fast. She has her own little personality and is doing so much now. She will be a year before I know it and probably walking even sooner!

She is now saying, Da-Da, Ma-Ma, Bye-Bye, Hey, and Uh-oh! She can wave, clap, give 5, pull up, walk while holding on, and all sorts of things. And we can now add crawling to our list! But, the child has NO teeth! Oh well, who needs teeth when you've got yummy Nilla wafers and Mum Mums to suck on!?

All in all, we are so proud of our 4 lb. preemie. She is the best thing in the whole world and we are so blessed.

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