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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall is in the air!

I am loving this weather. It is awesome!! It really seems like football season now that the weather is right and TN finally won another game!! Oh and just in time for Kylee's new cheerleading outfit....a TN one!!! Thanks Uncle Matt and Aunt Amy! =) She will have it on for the next game and for the TN/Bama game!!!

Tomorrow Kylee has to go for her 1 year check up. I am not excited. I hate shots. She is now beginning to realize what is going on and she does not like it, which of course, makes me feel awful! I am making Anna go with me since Shannon can't get off. She will get to help me hold her down! =)

Thursday is Zoo Day with my Kinder Kids. I am very excited. This is our first field trip in the fall. We usually go in May and the weather is hot, but this year it's going to be nice. And, we have some very cute shirts to sport while we're there!! They're lime green with zebra print!! Teachers get those, plus, a pink one with zebra print!

The month of October is a busy one. I've got JA stuff going on 3 weekends, Zoo Boo, playdates, and a St. Louie trip in the mix! (We're planning Anie!) Oh and a wedding and FOOTBALL!!! I am so excited that this year, Kylee gets to do things! This time last year, she was only a few days old! Man, time flies!

I'll leave you with a pic or two....

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