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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Kylee Anabelle!!!

Today is my sweet peas birthday! I can not believe she is 1!!!
This is her this morning when she 1st woke up....she knew it was her birthday and she was soooo excited!

Yesterday we had her birthday party with friends and family. We had a blast!

She was dressed in her pink tutu and her #1 shirt with a pink bow of course.

Her cakes were amazing! My cousin's sister-n-law, Jennifer made them. She is awesome! The big cake was 2-tiered with polka dots, stripes, and flowers. Kylee's smush cake was a giant cupcake with pink icing with a flower on top and her name. It was the cutest thing EVER!!

The party started with hotdogs on the grill, then the cake, and last, the gifts. Kylee enjoyed every part of her party! She did so good when everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. I just knew she was going to cry, but she didn't!! I was so proud! We had a great time!!

Here are a few more pics....

Kylee and Karoline - BFF's

Kylee playing in her "smush" cake!

The cake after she "smushed" it!

A few of her gifts...

Kylee is 1 today!! She weighs 22 pounds. She is wearing size 12 or 18 month clothes and is wearing a size 3 diaper. She still loves her bottle. She takes about 3 a day. We're trying to get her to 2, but we'll see. Her favorite foods are Baby Mum Mums, vegetable soup, Spaghetti O's, Yo Baby Yogurt, and Nilla Wafers. She is not walking yet, but we think she will be soon. She talks all the time, although, I wish I knew what she was saying! =) And of course, she is the most beautiful thing in the world!!!


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  1. Happy Birthday sweet Kylee!
    It seems like yesterday that you delivered her! Wow! I love the pictures. I can't wait until my sweet Mills can dig into his first birthday cake...such fun! Wait, I'm wishing his life away aren't I? At least then I won't be worrying about which formula is messing with his tummy. Whole milk, here we come! ha!