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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween was soooo much fun this year!! This was like Kylee's 1st. Last year, she was only a month old so we really didn't dress her up. We only put her in a pumpkin onesie. But, this year, we got to go all out!!! She was Minnie Mouse and she was absolutely adorable!!! I think she had a blast.

We went to my Dad's to hang out. He cooked chili and grilled cheese and had cupcakes. We ate, talked, and passed out candy. He was super excited about trick-or-treating. He recently moved into a neighborhood that is packed with trick-or-treaters every year and where he moved from, was not. He had a ginormous bowl of candy, which we had to refill, and handed out to many, many dressed up guests! It was just fun seeing him dressed up in his mask, passing out candy! I think he had more fun than most kids!!

Kylee spent her Halloween with us, her G Daddy and Nana, her Annie, her Momma T and Poppy, her Grannie and Grandad, and some of our cousins. Over all, we had a GREAT time and I can't wait for next year!

Now that I have a daughter, I think Halloween will rank right up there with Christmas! It is so much fun to have someone to dress up and take out on Halloween night.

Hope everyone enjoyed their night as much as we did! =)

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