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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Talkative Tuesday!

I go through spurts, when I write a lot and when I don't. I hate that I can't post every day like I'd like to. It seems as though so much has been going on lately, but when I look back, I can't seem to think what it was.

I do know that we had Junior Auxiliary's Fall Shopping Frenzy and it was a HUGE success!! It was our 1st one and I know for sure we'll be doing it again next year. There were so many vendors with so much cute stuff!! I couldn't decide what to look at first!! If you didn't come out, you'll definitely have to come next year!

We had the Fall carnival at Atoka, which I missed! But I heard it was a huge success as well. Atoka is a great school and I love working there. It is a a learning environment with a fun atmosphere. So, if you're looking for a teaching job, Atoka is the place...well just Tipton County overall is great!! =)

Then there was the huge TN/Bama game!!! Of course, we had to watch and argue over who was going to win and what Kylee was going to wear. I won, of course!!! Well....with the outfit, not with the team! =( But if you're a TN fan, you know we should have won!!!! Even some Bama fans have said it...including my hubby! =) It was a good game and the Vols put up a fight. I was proud....just not about the losing part!

Then of course we had Halloween, which I said in the post before, was wonderful!!! I never knew Halloween could be this much fun as an adult!! Can't wait til next year!

Now for the present.....

This weekend is the TN/Memphis game, which I am sad to say, we're not going!! I am super bummed. I have been to it the last several times they have played in Knoxville. But, we're working on saving money, not spending, I guess we'll pass and just watch it on TV. Bummer!!!!!

Next week, Shannon is going out of town for work......UGH!!!! It's gonna be crazy around here! That means, I won't have anyone to get up with Kylee if she wakes up in the middle of the night and get up and go to work. Whoa, can I make it!!?? Let's just hope she's on one of her spurts of sleeping all night, not waking up every few hours! Keep your fingers crossed!!

I can't believe Thanksgiving will be here soon. Crazy how time flies!!! I'm trying to talk my hubby into going somewhere. I would like to get away for awhile...but we'll see.

Well, now that we're caught up and then some, I'll quit rambling.

Have a good night and a great hump day tomorrow!!! =)

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  1. That picture is SO stinkin' cute! I love it!!

    I do that, too--have so much going on and yet I just can't form it into words to write. Drives me crazy sometimes!