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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve '09

Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone! I know I'll be a little crazy tomorrow with all the eating and being lazy and family time, so I thought I'd post today. =)

We have spent Thanksgiving Eve finishing up Christmas decor, baking and of course, eating! I got all of our trees up and decorated as much as I'm going to since little Kylee Belle is running around (and no, she's NOT walking yet...maybe I should have said crawling around!) After decorating, we made peanut butter rice krispies. The are delish!! They are supposed to be for tomorrow, along with my peach cobbler...but of course, I had to try them out. I couldn't let anyone eat anything that wasn't worth eating! =) Then, tonight, we went and ate Mexican with Shannon's family. We chose this because we knew we would be stuffed with all the Thanksgiving food we'll eat tomorrow. The Walker's have had a fun-filled Thanksgiving Eve!

I am thankful for soooo many things. First of all my family; my hubby, my daughter, and my Lexi are the BEST thing ever! I am also thankful for the rest of my ginormous family and my friends. I am thankful for my job and the roof over my head. I am thankful to have a healthy family, for the most part...when Shan is not sick! I am thankful for each and every moment that I get to spend with my baby girl. She is growing so fast so I am thankful that I get to watch her do so and I can catch almost everything on camera or video! All in all, I am thankful for LIFE. I love mine. It is great!
"Life's a journey, not a destination.", "Live today as if there were no tomorrow!", and "Dance like no one is watching!" so live it up, enjoy every second and be thankful for what you have everyday. I know I am. =)

We'll be on the run tomorrow....first stop, Charleston, at, dad's...then Ripley for dinner. WHEW!!!! I am going to gain 10 pounds!!! Good thing I got that Wii Fit Plus!!!


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