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Friday, December 11, 2009


Kylee is 14 1/2 months old and is so much fun! She is doing all kinds of things. Her most recent achievement is telling you how old she is! It is the cutest thing ever! She will actually hold up 1 finger when you ask how old she is. Tell me that ain't smart!? She amazes me everyday about how quick she catches on to new things. It's crazy what you can teach a child that is one.

I just got our Christmas cards ready to mail out, but I don't have any stamps. UGH! Is the post office open on Saturdays?? I hope. I really want to get them in the mail.

Do you know that I haven't bought the first Christmas present for anyone....only Kylee?? I am so behind this year. I have been shopping for Kylee for months, but forgot that I had a ton of others to buy for. I guess I should probably get started, huh!?

I want to take a hubby and I have been arguing about this.....
Growing up, did Santa wrap your presents or leave them out in the open where you could see them 1st thing when going in to the living room???

Santa DID NOT wrap my gifts. That was the fun thing about got to walk in not knowing what you were getting and see everything he left for you all at once!

Shannon, on the other hand, says Santa wrapped his presents so it would be more of a surprise.

To me, wrapped presents are what you get from everyone, not SANTA!!! Let me know what Santa does at your house! =)


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  1. Santa never wrapped mine, either! I loved seeing all of my gifts out--so fun! I do the same for the girls, too :)

    Girl, I am so behind on my shopping, cards, everything.!