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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Typical Tuesday

Good evening y'all! I just finished up my Christmas shopping for Kylee Belle...I think! I just promised the hubby that I was done. We'll see! Now on to everyone else. Although, we told everyone we were only buying for the kids this year. We have decided to buy small gifts for our parents. I also told everyone to forget me and Shannon this year, only get for Kylee. I want her to have a GREAT Christmas. This one should be really fun for her! I think she'd have a great one no matter what though!

Today after work, some JA sisters and I were able to play Santa to some children in the community, but my family was not at home, so tomorrow, Shannon and I will see if we can deliver the goodies to the family. This is the best part about JA is getting to help others, especially children. I love seeing the faces on families as we help them. It is a great feeling. For those of you who missed out last Saturday, we had Breakfast with Santa and it was wonderful! The breakfast turned out great, Santa was a hit, and I think everyone was happy. What a great day!

I have 2 1/2 more days of work and then I am off until Jan. 4th! WOO HOO!! I am ready for some down time and family time. We've got a lot going on for the rest of the month. This Friday I have Bunco with the girls (can't wait!), then Saturday, we're going to St. Louie to see Maw Maw and Anie (can't wait!), then next week I've got an eye doctor appt. (1st time since I was about, I don't know....9 or 10!), and then the Christmas festivities begin! I know I've probably told you this, but we have a huge family and it seems like we have to go to 50 different places. It's fun, but can be very tiring and I tend to get way too stuffed! 1st stop on the Christmas journey is my dad's with breakfast on Christmas Eve Morning. Not sure of the exact line up for the rest of the events, but I know there are several!

I will chat later. Have a good Hump Day!!


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  1. Have a wonderful holiday! I love the craziness about the holidays!

    Although today I am seriously exhausted...but in a good way :)