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Monday, February 8, 2010

Yet, another snow day!

Well this morning, my alarm went off and I pretty much fell out of bed, not wanting to get up, b/c hey, it was Monday! I had heard a little about snow, but figured it wouldn't happen, b/c we NEVER get that much snow in West TN...NEVER!! (Boy, did I eat those words!) So, anyway, I jump in the shower and get started with my morning routine. After my shower, I make some coffee and sit down to relax a bit before actually getting ready. (See this is my way of waking up.) I turn on the news and see school closing across the bottom of the screen. So, I'm thinking, it's got to be like DBurg or somewhere else that always gets snow, but in the channel 5 coverage area and then I see SHELBY COUNTY and MEMPHIS CITY are CLOSED! And I'm like whoa! This must me a rerun and then it finally dawns on me to check outside and by golly when I checked, it was coming down!! Oh yes, that beautiful white stuff that is almost as beautiful as sand, that gets me out of school!!! Yes!!!!! I can go back to bed! Oh how I wish I had looked out BEFORE getting in the shower! But, oh well, I dried my hair and then went back to bed and we had a lazy day alllll day.

We did play in the snow for a bit and Kylee loved it this time. She ran around and played and did not want to come inside. Hopefully it will stick around long enough for us to play some more tomorrow and maybe she'll still like it tomorrow!

Here are a few pics from our day...

Enjoy your snow day tomorrow, too!! =)

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  1. I Love the pic of K in the pink! Don't you just love the new cam? we need to give each other some tips!