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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter 2010

We had an excellent Easter this year! It was a lot of fun last year for Kylee's 1st, but this year she kind of knew what was going on. She really did her 1st egg hunt. She knew what to do and loved it! The Easter bunny also came to see her. She was soooo excited!!

Although she DID NOT like him at all!!!

We started our Easter weekend with an Easter playdate with Kim and Karoline, Amanda and Jaxon, Ashley and Lydia, and Dustin and Jana's little girls. We had a blast! The girls and Jaxon had fun playing outside, eating lunch AND candy, and hunting eggs. It was so cute! I love playdates!!!

Sunday, we went to church for a great morning of singing and prayer, then we went to Aunt Laine's for lunch and another egg hunt. My Grannie and her sisters are the absolute best cooks EVER!!! We have the best food at family gatherings, thanks to them! Our egg hunt was fun, too. It was Kylee, Sam, Sarah, and Gracie that hunted. The bigger kids took care of the hiding for us and Molli helped Kylee find some eggs.

I guess you could say this was the best Easter so far!!! =)


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