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Sunday, July 18, 2010

1st of the season!

Yesterday I had my 1st Kelly's Kids Party of the season.  We had a wonderful time.  Had some girl talk, shopped, munched on some yummies....what could be better than that!?  I love having these parties.  I love the fact that I can make a little extra spending money and get discounts on very adorable clothes, but what I LOVE most about Kelly's Kids, is that I get to hang out with the girls, meet new friends, and gossip!  We have so much fun at these gatherings.

Yesterday at Ashley's party, she invited close friends and family.  Everyone brought their youngin's and some of them were little models for us.  Slow me, brought my camera, but didn't take the 1st picture!  I was so mad at myself when the party was over and I realized I didn't take ANY!  

Oh well, I got some of Kylee helping me get ready for the party.  She LOVES clothes and shopping.  While I was packing up the clothes, she was looking at everything saying, "oooohhhhhh" and "CUTE!"  She is so funny and nothing like her momma!!!

Since I didn't take any at the party I'll post some pics of some of the items in the kit.  This stuff is adorable.  I want it all!!!!!

Click HERE for the Kelly's Kids website!  When ordering, please enter my rep #113958 OR contact me to order.  THX!

Have a great Sunday!


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