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Thursday, July 8, 2010


This is a pic that I just took of my sweet princess as we ran to town.  She was very sleepy so I knew the ride would knock her out.  Keep in mind we have been up since 3am!

Now you could look at this pic in many ways......I know you're all thinking something!  One could be, balloons- one of the top 5 things kids choke on.  Or two, awww, look how sweet this pic is....she fell asleep with that in her mouth!  Or three, what kind of crazy mother lets her child chew on a balloon!  And the list goes on......

She got the balloon last night when her dad got his hair cut.  She always has to have one if we go with him.  She usually plays with them like a ball, but today was different.....she decided it would be cool to put the tied end in her mouth.  My 1st thought is OMG!  she could so choke on that.  But, then, my very next thought was, "Hey, she's not crying!  Hey, she'll fall asleep if she's quite!" needless to say I allowed her to keep it in her mouth until she was asleep and I took the pic, of course.  Being the super mom I am, I kept a very close watch on her until then, too!!

So, you decide, does the make me Worst Mom of the Year, Mother of the Year, or crazy lunatic mom just getting through the day!?? be honest, I think it's a cute pic!!!

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  1. aww, isn't she adorable! love that pic - thanks for playing!!!