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Friday, July 9, 2010


I'm not sure if I'm really allowed to even say TGIF since I'm not working......but who cares TGIF!!!!!!!!!

This has been the longest week!

THE GOOD: It's Friday, of course!!

THE BAD:  Kylee has still been waking up during the night!  UGH!  Not to rush anything, but teething is the slowest process EVER!  These BIG back teeth are NO joke!  Sure they hurt!  They're HUGE in her little bitty mouth!

THE FAB: I am soooooo excited about this.....
Wait for it...............

I am going Saturday to get a massage with my girl, Amanda.  Afterwards of course, we're shopping!!!!!  I have not gotten a massage in years!  This is like one of those things that happens on a RARE occasion.  This time it was b/c I have been such a good wife and put up with my hubby for 3 whole years!  He got me this as a gift for our 3 year anniversary.  WOO HOO!!  Amanda has also been a good wife and put up with her hubs so he got her one too!  Isn't life grand!!!

Some more fab about the weekend is that we're cooking out with friends.  I can't wait to have some friend/adult time!

Enjoy your weekend!!


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