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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I hope everyone had an awesome 4th!!  I know we did!  

I promised to post a pic of Kylee and Karoline from this 4th, but we did not spend the 4th with them this year =(.  We went to the lake and they stayed home. =(  AND they didn't even wear their matching dresses.  Karoline did, Kylee didn't......


Our 4th was amazing.  We spent it at the lake with family and friends.  Kylee had a great time on the water, but wasn't so sure about the fireworks.  She didn't like the big booms.  She did, although, like the colors.  

On the way to the lake Friday night, we stopped on the side of the road to watch some awesome fireworks.  It was a great show!!  Then on Sunday, we went out on the water to watch the fireworks.  It was so neat being on the water and seeing the beautiful light show.  Everything was calm and quiet, with an occasional hoot and hollar from our fellow Americans...IT WAS GREAT!

I was a little frustrated with my new camera during the fireworks.  I couldn't figure out which setting to put it on!  I kept switching and I never could get it to turn out the way I wanted it.  As soon as I had access to a computer, I googled it.  Now I think I've got that the fireworks are over!  I think I'll make Shannon go buy me some just so I can see if it works!!!

Have a terrific Tuesday!!


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