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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So, it's been awhile.  Starting back to work will do that to ya!

So let's catch up.......

School started. Kylee sick.  Kylee 2nd birthday planning. St. Louis. Kelly's Kids.  Football started.  TN wins.  Momma sick.  Kylee sick. Lake. 
I think that catches us up.

I have been planning for Ky's bday party for awhile now.  We're doing the cupcake theme and having mainly family this year.  It's going to be cute and super fun!  She is at such a fun age! 

Our trip to St. Louis was a lot of fun.  We took Kylee to visit Maw Maw and Anie and also had time to visit Grant's Farm.  We had a blast there!  Kylee fed the goats!  I couldn't believe it!!  She even fed 2 at one time!  She loved the goats, but not the carousel!  We could not get her to try it at all!  Funny what kids are scared of and what they're not!!  And of course,  we had to make our stop by Ted Drewes.  And of course, I got chocolate chip cookie dough!  And of course, it was the bombdiggity!!!  LOVES IT!  We also stopped by Lambert's on the way home.....can we say, YUMMO!!!

So finally, COLLEGE FOOTBALL is here!!!!  WOOT! WOOT!!  My team, the UT Vols, played UT Martin, where I attended school for part of my college career.  Of course, the BIG ORANGE stomped on them!  I'm not gonna talk too much though, because the Vols may not STOMP on everyone they play this year........

Last weekend, Labor Day Weekend, we loaded up and headed for the lake,  It was a last minute thing.  We just up and planned that morning and headed for the water.  We had a great time!  It was PERFECT weather for the water.  We also went to dinner and bowling with great friends.  We had a blast!  I love great friends,  great food, and GREAT TIMES!!

Now that we've caught up.......til next time......


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