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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SAHM- Day 2

Today has been a great day, minus the cleaning part!  Kylee has been in the best mood...I think it's because she slept til 8 and let me sleep so that's a HUGE plus!

Today has been another, stay at home day.  We are still in our jammies and Ky is now taking a nap.  After this I am going to try to put the rest of the clothes up and clean up the living room, once again!  

We started the morning off with breakfast and then finished up wrapping presents.  The tree is now full underneath and we are done with shopping except for a few gift cards that I will pick up tomorrow.  Kylee has helped me clean up and drag out and do laundry!  I love that she is a big help and actually likes doing it.  I know that this stage will not last long, so I better enjoy it while I can!

I found out a few minutes ago that we are doing Christmas at my grandmothers early this year!  We are all going to her house tomorrow night for an nontraditional Christmas dinner of chili and hotdogs!  Very exciting!  Of course, we will have the real deal with the WHOLE family on Christmas Day for lunch.

Today I want to end by  taking a trip down memory lane by looking at a few pics from last Christmas.  Kylee has changed so much!!
same child, same tongue, even same bow!!

Now here she is this Christmas!!  They sure do grow up fast!!!
There's the tongue!!!


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