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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If I were a stay at home mom......

If I were a stay at home mom...............

which this would ONLY happen if we won the Powerball

**I would have a rockin' body!!!
I could work out everyday.  I would probably do the Wii Fit, Zumba for the Wii, or Body by Bethenny.  Those are my favs.

**I could also cook more.  I would cook more.  I would have much more time to plan for meals and the meals would be a lot healthier.  Now, with work, I just don't feel like it sometimes.  Okay....most of the time, I don't feel like it!

**My house would be spotless!

**Our beds would be made....EVERYDAY!

**The laundry would not stack up.

**I would be caught up on putting pics in albums and would have our snapfish photo albums completed.

**I would probably try to nap some days when Kylee was sleeping. =)

**I could blog everyday!

**Kylee and I would have playdates.

**I would go out with the girls and gossip and drink wine!!

**I would lay out by the pool in the summer....oh wait, I don't have a pool....but if I did! =)

Wouldn't it be nice to be a housewife!?

I think so........

If only I could win the Powerball!


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  1. I so feel ya sister! Win it and share with me!!