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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day 2011

So, we lucked out and got a snow day today!  We were patiently waiting on the snow to arrive last night.  I was beginning to get a little worried when it finally did!  We were super excited when we woke up this morning to see how much we actually got.  Really, it wasn't that much, but for here, it was!

Kylee hated the snow last time it snowed, but this year she LOVED IT!!!  Yay!  I was worried she still wouldn't!  She did not want to come in when we came in for lunch!

We built our 1st snowman as a family today!  It turned out cute, I guess.  

We also had a small snowball fight.....well actually, I just get hit with the snowballs, because I was snapping pictures!

We had a fabulous day in the snow!  Can't wait to see some more later in the week!!  They're predicting more for next Sunday.....but we'll see!


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