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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 3 - All u need is love challenge

If I could travel anywhere this snowy February, I would {LOVE} to go...

We went years ago, before we were married and it was so beautiful!  We went on a cruise, which I didn't like that much.  I am a more of on the go, not wanting to be stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean, kind of person!  But the Bahamas were BEAUTIFUL!!!  I have wanted to go back ever since we went, but stay for at least a week and not go on a cruise.  The water is crystal clear and the beaches are awesome!  
My printer is messed up so I can't scan my own pictures or I would and I would include the one of me drinking a fresh drinkl out of a REAL coconut!  The little Bahamian man took his machete and cut it right open and poured in some rum!!  It was truly the BEST!

Here is where I want to stay.....
It is awesome!  We went on a tour while we were there......A-MAZING!!!!

OMGoodness!!!!  Now I REALLY want to go back!!!!!!!!!!
Where would you LOVE to go???
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  1. oh, atlantis! i want to go! sign me up!

    Thanks for linking up with our challenge! Can't wait to read tomorrow's!!!

  2. I would love to go back to Hawaii, but The Bahamas is looking like it's giving Hawaii a runs for it's money! It's beautiful there!