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Friday, February 18, 2011

Go's your birfday!!! lol

Happy Birthday to myself today!!!!!  
The BIG 2-9!
I really don't feel any older, besides the fact that my neck has been hurting for a week!!!  I guess that's a sign of getting old.....??????

I finally broke down and went to the doc today.  Come to find out, it is just a pinched nerve/pulled muscle.  I really had drilled it in my head that it was something horrible....cancer, aneurysm, name it!  I HATE going to the doctor, but I always think the worst first off and then feel silly when it's nothing!  Anyway, got some meds now and hopefully I'll be good to go in a few days.

Anyway, back to my birthday.....
  It is always a tradition that on our birthdays, my mom fixes our fav dinner.  So this morning she called to wish me a Happy Birthday and said she would cook and asked what I wanted.  I thought for a while and decided on Poppy Seed Chicken.  I haven't had it in a while b/c Shannon really doesn't care for it much.  He'll eat it, but not his fav.  Anyway, since I wanted Poppy Seed Chicken, my sweet and awesome sister is cooking it instead of my mom.  (mom has never made it and said she'd rather Anna cook it)  But we're all still eating together.  I can't wait!!!!


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