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Monday, February 7, 2011


So I'm all for snow, especially when it gets me out of work, but today was a little crazy!!!

When I got here this morning, it was sleeting it's bootay off, BUT we still came to school.  The sleet continued and then turned to snow, HUGE snowflakes which covered the ground very quickly!  We kept thinking, "ok, we're gonna go home like NOW!"  But it didn't happen as quickly as we thought.....we didn't dismiss until 12.  By this time, the snow had stopped and I figured the roads would be awful, but they weren't.  I made it home safely to enjoy the rest my snow day inside my warm house being LAZY!!!

The snow was beautiful while it lasted.  (I didn't get a pic since I was at work and could only see it through my window.)  The trees are still a sight to see!  They are gorgeous!

Weatherman is predicting more snow to come on Wednesday so we may be dealing with this same chaos......Hopefully it will happen BEFORE we get up and go to school!!!!

If you're off today, enjoy!!!


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  1. you should see the is gorgeous and was wonderful watching it fall....