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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend in Review

We had a very laid back weekend, which I loved!  Sometimes I love having lots to do and sometimes I just want to be lazy!

Friday night we grabbed Wendy's for dinner and came home and caught up an American Idol.  Kylee and I were in bed pretty early because we had big plans the Saturday morning.

The Shriners put it on and the Agricenter.  It was kinda fun, but Kylee wasn't too sure about it......
She liked the tigers, but that's about it!!!

It was dark and very loud and there were clowns!  I hate clowns and Kylee wasn't sure about them either!!!
I enjoyed taking her.  Guess maybe we'll try again next year and see how she feels then.....

Saturday night, we just went to The Burnham's.  Us girls sat around and gossiped while the guys played cards.  My hubby won the game, by the way, pocketing 50 bucks!  WOO HOO!!!  

We do have a busy week coming up though.  Valentine's Day is tomorrow and my birthday is Thursday!  We'll probably head out next Saturday night to celebrate both!  This may be the last birthday I'll be excited to's my last one in my 20's!  aaaahhhh!!!!!!


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