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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Recap

FRIDAY-  I'll start with Friday at work.......
So we went in Friday morning with a BIG chance of some ice and snow........
When we got to school, we found out we were eating lunch early, so it was a for sure thing.....we were going home early.  Ummmm....NOPE!  Didn't happen!  Instead, we ate lunch early and stayed at school ALL day!  This of course, made my kids absolutely nuts!  They knew we were supposed to go home early if we ate early and we didn't........SO, this made for a very lonnnggg Friday! 

But they're calling for more snow this week, so we'll see!  I am tired of this yucky white stuff!  I'm ready for some flip flops and tank tops!!!

Friday night, we took it easy.  Me and Kylee were in bed by 9!


We had our annual Valentines Party for the kiddos at the Tillman's.  The kids had lots of fun opening their goodies and playing together.  We haven't had them all together in a while, so it was good to see them play.  They are so cute together.  BUT, leave it to that Walker Girl to throw a fit!!  The only one, I may add!  She fell over some toys and got embarrassed and threw her little temper tantrum!  Great, Kylee....You've become "that kid"!!!

She's still my Princess anyway!!!!

Saturday night, we had some adult time and went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the UFC fights.  We had a blast!!  My cheeks still hurt from laughing so hard!!!  The fights were good, too!  Anderson Silva knocked Vitor Belfort out with a kick to the face!!  Woo!!!  You should have heard the people in BWW!  It was pretty good!

We've got a busy, but lazy day ahead..  I'm going to get my princess in a bit, then to Grannies to eat lunch, then hopefully a nap, then to Dad's to eat burgers and hotdogs for the Super Bowl. 
So, who ya rooting for?!!!  
Me, GREEN BAY!!!!!

Too bad, my man Brett don't play for them anymore!  Yes, I still like Brett Favre!!!

Any who......


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