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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I'm lovin' Wednesday!


I'm lovin' that it is, of course, Hump Day!!!  

I'm lovin' my new moisturizer and eye cream (for my wonderful dark circles and wanna-be wrinkles)
It's Loreal's Youth Code
This is a little starter kit.  I bought this so I could try all three products.  It comes with a day cream with spf, a day/night cream that helps reduces wrinkles, and an eye cream.  They all are supposed to help your skin!! =)  I already tried and LOVE the day/night cream.  It feels so nice!  I also tried the eye cream.  It feels wonderful, but of course, it's too soon to see if it really works!  Let's hope it does!!!!

I'm also lovin' this new product.
It's CoverGirl's new smoky shadow blast.  It is awesome!!!!  Super easy to apply and just the right color.  I got the browns......Bronze Fire!

I'm also lovin' these.....
I ordered those for Kylee today!!!  Of course, they're all KELLY'S KIDS!!!!!!
((((If you'd like to order anything....let me know!!!!  Or you can order online, using my rep#113958.)))

I'm also lovin' that it's March!  I'm hoping that Spring (weather-wsie) is here.....It was super nice today!!!!!

Enjoy your Hump Day!!


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