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Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Playdate #1

We finally got our kids together today for the 1st time in what, FOREVER!!!

Jenn moved into a new house several months ago and I finally got to see it and her precious babies!  They have grown so much since the last time!!  I also got to see Dana's new baby for the 1st time.  He is absolutely precious!  How I miss those days!!  Amy and Jayden came over,  too.  He and Kylee were supposed to be 1 week apart at birth, but since Ky was 6 weeks early, they are like a month apart.  This is the 1st time we've seen him in forever, too.  Elizabeth also brought her new addition over and we haven't seen him since he was born.
Yes, it was definitely  time to get together!
Oh Kim and K were there, too, but we see them every weekend!!  But we were excited to see them, also!  Love you!!! 

Jenn was our hostess with the mostest.  She had snacks ready and toys galore!  And did I mention, she is preggers with her THIRD baby, whom is due at the end of May. She had it going on!!!

We let the kids play and we got to catch up.  It was nice to catch up since we all used to hang out back in the day!  I went down memory lane as I drove there. Jenn lives right down the road from where she grew up, where we had some very fun times!!  It was weird passing her old house and not pulling in.

Well, we had a fun day, that was way past due!  We'll  have to get together again soon!!

Now for playdate Easter Party tomorrow at Karoline's!!


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