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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tell All Thursday

Today is Thursday.....
Most of the time, I'd be really excited, but this week is Spring Break and Thursday means my break is almost over!  =(  But at least we get Monday off, too! =)
AND when we go back to school, we only have 4 weeks left until summer!!!  I can rock this! =)

*So, we've been potty training over the break......I'll just say it's been "going".  She does fine when we're at home wearing her "big girl panties", but when we're somewhere else, she won't go....not even try!  When we're at home, she'll only go #1, no #2ing for her!  Yesterday, she knew she had to go #2 and asked me for a diaper.  (Smart girl!)  I didn't give her one, so she held it!  Bad momma.......well she held it until nap time, when I put her in a pull up.......This potty training stuff is for the birds!!!

*I've gotten some new products this week.  I'm loving my new Garnier Skin Renew Roller thingy for puffy, dark circles and wrinkles.  I don't know if it's working, but it feels pretty good!
And since I have these beautiful dark circles, I purchased this new concealer stick.  It's Physician's Formula and it looks like the old school lipstick stick, but it's concealer.  Remember those?  You know if it's old school, it probably works!!
We'll see!

I have been using coupons since Kylee was born.  It started out as just coupons for diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, and other baby stuff.  Then I started to hear how all these people were saving all kinds of money with coupons.  I did my research and learned how they were doing it!  Of course, I am nothing like these big dog, extreme couponers, but I'm excited about saving by few bucks here and there!  My latest adventure was at Walgreens.  I saved like $16 bucks in coupons and like $22 on in store savings.  I even got some Dawn dish washing detergent for FREE!!   I never knew what register rewards were until the other day.  Register Rewards are something you can get at Walgreens when you purchase something that they are offering the rewards on that week.  It's free cash.....or a coupon that you can use on anything in the store.  Like 2 weeks ago, I bought some new hair products there.  They were Bed head and they were on sale for 2 for $10.  That itself was a good deal to me!  But I realized they were offering  $5 RR with the purchase of the 2, so when I checked out, I got a $5 coupon to spend the next time I shopped at Walgreens, which now is very often!!  I've now realized that Target has the same kind of deals as Walgreens, but since we don't have a Target around here, I use Walgreens more.  But they both will allow you to use a store coupon and a Manufacturer coupon, maxing out your savings!  This is when you save the most!!  Like Walgreens, Target offers a few things that have RR.  The other day, we were in Memphis, so I decided to do a little shopping at Target.  My hubs wanted a Brita Pitcher so I looked there.  They had so many, but I finally decided on one and when I got to the register, the cashier handed me a $5 gift card (which is just like the RR at Walgreens)  and said I got it for my purchase of the Brita pitcher.  How cool is that!?  Free $$$ yet again!!  I am loving this!!!!

*Upcoming activities*
*Today is the hubs birthday!!!  He is 32.  He likes to say he's 29.......he is just like a woman!!!  We had planned on going to Texas de Brazil, but Shan has been sick since Monday.  He thinks it was the stomach bug, but I say the those plans are out.  Guess we'll go another time.

*We have a few Easter things going on this weekend.  Tomorrow, all of us old friends are getting the kids together for a playdate and some much needed catch up time.  I am excited about seeing a few of my old friends!
*Saturday, we have our 2nd annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Byrd's house.  Kim and I are the hosts and have planned lunch, dying eggs, and and egg hunt for the kids.  And of course, some adult conversation.
*Sunday, of course is Easter.  We plan on going to church, then lunch at Grannies with the fam, and the egg hunt with all the kiddos!
*As for Monday,  it's my last day off, so I plan on being LAZY!!!!!

Enjoy your Easter weekend!!!


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  1. I dread potty training my second, it was tough enough with my oldest. Good Luck and be patient!!