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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Easy Button

Ever feel like you need one of these????
I have!!  

This weekend has been one tough weekend!!  If it was going to go wrong, it did!!  
Don't they say bad things happen in 3's???  Well I think I'm way past 3!  So surely some good luck is coming my way!!  Shannon did buy a PowerBall ticket tonight....maybe we won!!!  I need to get him to check......
He says were gonna win one day.  I said yea, when we're 99!!  At least then Kylee can enjoy it or her kids......

Here's just a peek at the bad luck just yesterday and today.....
1st- my BIG BEAUTIFUL FLAT SCREEN in the living room BROKE!!!  I say, broke, but went out....just quit working.  It just flashes.  Like it's trying to come on and can't.....poor TV!  We're in mid conversation and the TV just goes off.....I think, "ok, weird.  Ghost???"  Not a ghost, unless he broke it completely.  The bad boy went off and hasn't come back on since.  =(

Here's just one other thing.....
MY CAR!!!!!
The car I've only had for 2 in a half years....the one I love and cost a pretty penny.....yea, that one.
We're driving home from my in-laws and get almost into T-County and it starts to sputter......kinda like the was trying, but just couldn't do it......  I thought we were about to be stranded on the side of the highway in the 100 degree heat! But it kept going, not by choice, but it did.  It sputtered and putted all the way home.  Shan took it to Auto Zone to run that test thing on it.  Auto Zone boy said it was mis-firing in the 3rd something......He said he would start with a spark plug.  At least it wasn't something huge....or at least we hope not.  
Shan and Poppy will be working on it tomorrow.  

To be continued on the car.  As for the TV, I think it's down for the count.  =(

I would take a picture of the TV that we're now using in the living room, (it's the one from the bedroom), but it's just too sad to show!!!  It looks like a little ant in the middle of our big entertainment center!

"When it rains, it pours." or "It's always something!"
That's my motto for the past 2 days.  I'm hoping to change that soon.

This sweet princess can make any bad day, GOOD!!

Happy Sunday!!!

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