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Monday, June 6, 2011

monday, monday, monday!

Happy Monday all!!

We started our day off with VBS.  We had fun.  I'm helping my Grannie again this year.   Kylee had to warm up to the idea that I couldn't hang out right beside here the whole time!  (This is going to tough in August when trying to get her to preschool!)  After awhile, she did OK.  Hopefully tomorrow she will be ready!!

Update on my car:
It's going in the shop this afternoon.  The hubs is taking it when he gets off and they're keeping, I hate not having a ride!!!!  Hopefully, it's not a major issue and won't cost an arm and a leg to fix it!!

Our week this week only consists of VBS and swimming. I hope next week, we can begin our playdates since everyone was busy this week.  I need some girl talk and Kylee needs some playtime!!

Oh!  I forgot to mention the potty training......UGH!!!!  She was doing so well and now I have to fight her to go!!!  It is so frustrating especially, when I thought we were good!!!  Oh well, I am hoping the urge just comes back to her and she'll go........

Enjoy the rest of this hot day!


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