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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tell all Thursday

Tomorrow's Friday!!!  WOOT WOOT!!
Wait a minute....I'm on break.  It doesn't matter!!!!!!

Sorry, had to do that!

Ramblings from Nikki T.....
(ok, sorry, had to do that, too.  Old high school nickname!!!!!)

*I had to go visit good ole MOGA today, but got to do a little shopping, so it wasn't too bad.  Ran by my fav, Wigs and Beauty.  If you haven't been there, please go.  If you LOVE shoes.....or wigs!!  bahahahaha!  No, really.  They have some of the cutest sandals and they are SUPER cheap!  I got a pair for 8 bucks!!  Can't beat that!!!!
Then I stopped by Old Navy to stock on workout shorts.  I had to have some new, cute ones because my wonderful hubs signed us up for kickboxing classes......yes, kickboxing!!!  Now, what in the world am I gonna do in a kickboxing class????  I hope no one has a camera!!

*It is truly the beginning of summer in West TN.  How can you tell???  It's flippin' HOT!  It's hot and it's not even HOT, HOT yet!!!  I love warm weather, but it makes it much better when you have a pool or the ocean by your side.  I don't have either of those.....but I've got this.....
my wonderful, itty, bitty, blow up pool!!! lol
I also have friends in high places, so I'll be bumming at their pools!!

*I am excited that starting next week, me and the girls and kids, are starting our weekly playdates.  I can't wait!!  Kids can play and we can chat.  Good times!!

I guess that's all I will ramble about tonight.....

Happy Friday!!!!


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