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Thursday, June 30, 2011

WaterPark Fun & the 4th

This week has been passing slowly, which is GREAT because it's summer, but not so great because it's taking too long for my lake weekend to get here!  We are spending the 4th at the Lake with my dad, sis, and some of our friends.  I am super ready to get Kylee back on the boat and in the water!  She has started liking the water more and more each time we swimmer yet by any means!  She is still a little skiddish about the water.  She will jump in all day long, but let her go WITH HER SWIMMIES ON and she flips out!!  Oh well, guess it's better then her not being scared of anything!

Anyway.....we spent yesterday at the water park with Kim and Karoline and had a blast!!  Kylee loved it because she could stand up in parts of the pool.  She splashed around, floated, and "swam".
Here is a pic of us just chillin'.

Today we had to take Lexi to the vet to have her nails clipped.  I did not want to take both, Lexi and Kylee, so Ky got to go play with Karoline while I had fun at the vet.  Kylee is terrified of some dogs so I didn't want to risk a big dog being there and her freaking out!  It worked out though, she got to play and when I got back, Kim and I planned for the lake.

Everyone have a booming 4th of July!!!
I know we will!!!

luvs and kisses

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