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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Good times, good food, and good buys!

We had an awesome Thanksgiving. I hope you all did, too. We started our day at noon with my family. We had a ton of food....yummy food! It was good to hang with everyone and enjoy some family time. After eating, a few of us cousins went outside and goofed off. It was fun to catch up.
Thanksgiving night, Amanda and I went black friday shopping.....or thursday, what ever you want to call it! We had lots of fun and stayed out ALL night. We found some good deals and got several gifts bought. We will be going back next year but will not be hitting Walmart! It was ridiculous!!!!!
Friday afternoon, Shannon's brother and wife came in to town and that night we had Thanksgiving with his family.....more good food! Afterwards, some friends came over.
We had a great Thanksgiving and I am thankful for that family and friend time.
Now were on to the next holiday! I can't wait for another Christmas with my little princess! Every year gets more fun with her.

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