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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Early Snow!

There was a little talk of "flurries" in the forecast and I had joked around with my students, their parents, and my teacher friends about doing the snow dance and wearing your pj's inside out........

BUT I really never thought, I'd wake up to this.......

But I welcomed it with open arms since it did get me a day off from work!!!

We lounged around in our pj's for most of the morning, then set out to play in the snow!!  But 1st we had to make a stop on the town square for a mini photo shoot with Kylee.  She had so much fun!!!  The pics turned out so cute......I wish this snow had come BEFORE I did my Christmas cards!!  They actually arrived in the mail TODAY!!  Imagine that!

Anyway without further ado......
my Princess Kylee Anabelle!!!

Happy Snow Day!!!!

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