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Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday, Monday

Today was a good day.... except I had to get back into the groove of things and get my hiney up at 5 to go to work! It was inservice so at least I got to catch up with the girls from work.
Shannon and I decided to get back into our workout routine since we're finished stuffing ourselves from the holidays! And I decided to since my jeans are, for some unknown reason, way too tight! We just did some easy stuff tonight.....just dance 3, some weights, some lunges, some know, I didn't want to overdo it the 1st just dance is more fun!
Now to totally blow that lame workout we did, I made a new dish from pinterest! It was some kind of fab! It was baked cheesy chicken spaghetti! OMG!!!! I am pretty positive that there was nothing healthy about it! Check out my pinterest for the recipe.
Now for my Kylee Belle.....
She is a little rotten thing! But I love every little thing about her! Now I will say she is growing out of some of her terrible twos behavior, but these threes are SASSY!!!! She is so growny and gets her sassiness honest! I am really hoping it's a phase though!!!:)
Well I'm off to bed.....I've got to prepare myself for my 22 kindergartners that I will see tomorrow!!!
I'll leave you with a pic of the 2 sassy princesses!

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