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Saturday, January 7, 2012

My big girl!

I was really dreading kylee going back to school after Christmas break. I thought she would cry and just really not want to go since she has never been really sure about going....
Boy was I wrong!
The night before she helped me pick out her clothes and she was super excited about them!  (She is really into clothes and jewelry now.)  The next morning, she woke right before I was leaving. I prepared myself for a crying spree.....but it didn't happen! She asked me who was picking her up and said that she was going to have a good day! And she sure did! She had a great week!!!
Her teacher said she walked in on Wednesday like she owned the place and like it was no big deal! She has always carried her bag around with her.....for some reason, but she finally put it down and is having fun!
I am so proud of my little, big girl!
Here's a pic Mrs. Stephanie sent me on Friday. :)

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