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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baby #2 week 17

This pregnancy was kind of tough at the beginning, but after hitting about 12 weeks got much better. With Kylee, I was only sick in the mornings....with this one, it lasted on and off all day! Yuck!! Never got sick, just felt that way. But now I don't even realize I'm preggers except my clothes don't fit, my belly is sticking out, and I can't drink wine! So now things are great! Let's just hope they stay this way and I carry this baby to term!
We still don't know what baby #2 is but we'll find out soon! I can't wait!! This time I don't really have a feeling about what it is.....with kylee I just knew! Some people guess girl, some think boy. I'm happy either way and either way this is our last! 2 is my limit!!
I have finally started to feel some super small movements from Baby Walker and it's so exciting!!! I had forgotten how nice it was and it brings all those awesome memories back! #amazing
Stay tuned for sex of BW!!!

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