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Monday, December 3, 2012

Workin on my fitness day 1

I started turbo fire today. It was great but I am so out of shape!! I did the starter DVD today where she was supposed to explain and show the moves that will be done throughout the rest of the DVDs...... Well she showed me alright! It started out very quickly so I had to get moving!! I love it! I like the music, the trainer, and the workout! It seems like its going to work everything!!
I decided to log my measurements on here so I can keep up with them and see exactly how much I lose.
Sssshhhhh don't tell!!
Waist - 36 in
Hips- 37 in
Butt- 41 (dang big ass!!)
I don't have my weight because we don't own a scale. We have to go buy one though.
Ill update later. :)

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