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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Some bittersweet happenings going in right now!  

First of all, I had my last day at my school and in kindergarten!!  I am so sad to leave Atoka and the grade I love, but I am moving to a new school that is closer to home and moving up a grade level to 1st grade!  I am so sad, but so excited to start a new adventure! 

These are the girls that made working at Atoka awesome!  They are the best!  I look at them as sisters!  #theATeam. #thefabulous4!  

I will definitely miss everyone....the great girls I work with AND all of my past kiddos!  I was there when the school opened and my first kids there will be going to 5th grade!  I hate I'm going to miss their last year at ATES. Love all of y'all!!

Now in other bittersweet news.....
My sweet little monkey slept in his bed for the first time this week!  So excited, yet so sad!!  

Happy summer to all!!  

We're planning on being lazy, going to the beach, and swimming at the Tillman's new pool!!!


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