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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Family Time & Happy 7 Months!

Every night after supper we have been walking around our neighborhood. I love it because it is a time that we can all hang out as a family and get some exercise!  

Ky and B love getting out in the fresh air. 

We live on a golf course and there are several ponds. In the ponds, there are some huge catfish. We always carry dog food to feed them. They immediately come to the top of the water to eat when they hear it the water!  Here lately we've met some new friends....
I like feeding them better than the fish!  They are too cute!
We've also seen some turtles at the pond.  Ky likes to see if she can find one sticking its head out of the water.  She also looks for golf balls along the way!

I love our family strolls!
Happy 7 months to B today!! 
Boy, you are growing so fast! 
You are already 18 pounds. 
You can sit up by yourself!
You are eating baby food at every meal now, and taking fewer bottles.
You are also eating some table food...not much, but like mashed potatoes, carrots, you know...smushy foods.
Your favorite foods right now are....sweet potatoes, strawberry yogurt (the Gerber kind), pretty much any fruit, except peaches (weird??), and weirdly enough, you like chicken and rice!  Kylee never liked the meat baby foods.  I guess you're going to be a good eater.  Or at least, I hope so!
You like to play with anything that's not yours....iphone, cups, credit cards, boxes, etc.  We shouldn't have bought you any toys!
You love to be outside and you LOVE YOUR SISSY!!  You think she is so funny!  I am so happy and I hope the trend continues!! =)

Happy Hump Day people!!


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  1. Your kids are the cutest, Nicole! I cannot look at B without smiling so big, love those cheeks!!!