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Sunday, June 23, 2013

How Yo Weekend Was!?

Happy Sunday y'all!  We have had a great, fun filled weekend!
It began Friday night with a lazy night in. Sometimes those are the best nights. Just sitting around, at the house, in your jammies, with the fam. Perfect evening!
Saturday morning, we had a birthday party for Karoline at the park. It was hot, but fun and the kids had a blast!  
Saturday night, Shannon and I had date night!  We rarely get one so it was nice to get out and have dinner. The kids had fun too with their T and Pop Pop. 
Today, Sunday Funday, we got out in the sun. T bought Ky a slip n slide and a pool so she played in it all afternoon. B even enjoyed a little splash time!  He loves the water. 

The weekend is coming to an end....:(
This week we have a pretty light schedule. Tomorrow I plan on cleaning a bit. Then on Tuesday, we are going to see monster university with Karoline on her actual birthday. Then on Wednesday and Thursday, I plan on cleaning out my classroom stuff. I don't have much longer to go through it all, so I better get started!  Then Friday, a swim play date. I can not wait!!!  Swimming and adult convo!  All that will be missing is a margarita!  lol. Perfect day!!

Everyone enjoy your week!  


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