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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Large Marge

I admit. I haven't updated on LM like I thought or said I would, but I kind of forgot!  It's kind of boring anyway!!
But for those who are interested....I only have about 7 pounds to lose to be back where I was pre B!  But I will say that this last chub is hanging around!  Go away love handles....I do not want to be friends!
Today the kids slept late so I took the opportunity and worked out!  I did one of my favs, TurboFire. Love it!!  It is so fun and a great workout!!  After my workout I did have to have my coffee though....but I did put sugar free coffee mate in it!  :)
Even though I worked out this morning, we still took our family walk tonight. So I got double calorie burn today!!  I thought we were going to have to skip because of the rain, but it held off for us. 
We also have a new friend that we met on our walk. 
He is huge!  Like a granddaddy turtle!  Lol

So wish me luck on this last stubborn weight. But I am determined to get it off!!!


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