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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Water Babies

Last week we had our first play date of the summer with Amanda, jaxon, and Harper. They just got a new pool so it was perfect for our play date!

 The kids had a blast and us girls got to catch up on some chit chat!  Perfect day! I also got a little sun. I haven't been out in the sun hardly any this summer, Which is very unlike me. But I plan on hanging at the Tillman's pool a lot in these next several weeks!!

This was Brennan's first time in a pool. He loved it!!  

He splashed around for a little bit and then hung out in the shade. Here is him with his girlfriend! Lol. We always joke around and say our kids have Pre arranged marriages!  

All in all, the kids had a blast and so did us adults!  I can't wait for the next play date!


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