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Friday, July 26, 2013

Bathtub and blogging

Yes. I am blogging in the bathtub!  

It's my quiet time. Well part of it. I had to finally threaten my child to get her to leave me alone for FiVE minutes!!!  

I am so tired and school hasn't even started back yet. I've just been moving all of my junk. To another school. In the hot. Can you sense my irritability!?!  I got it all moved in today so tomorrow maybe I can start to organize it. Maybe. 

I have so much stuff. I am really thinking about throwing some of it away. Or giving It away. If anybody wants it. 

So Im starting to feel the anxiety set in with starting a new school year. In a new grade. At a new school. I am very excited but very overwhelmed right now. I think once I get everything in order, I'll be fine. 

Plus, my little princess is starting kindergarten. Very bittersweet. 

Well I'm about to go chill on the couch with my babies. 

Until next time. 


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