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Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Birthday America!

We had a great 4th!  We spent our day with friends and family. 
My brother in law and sister in law are here with their itty bitty baby, Mason. We were so excited to see him!  He's growing so fast, but still so small compared to big boy B!

They are so precious!  I want to keep them little but can not wait for them to grow up together!

Back to the 4th!

We started the celebration with lunch at T and Pop Pops and a little fishing.


Then we went to our friends house, the Tillman's. we swam, grilled, and shot fireworks. 
It was a blast!  It's so great to see all the kids together Having so much fun and the adults chit chatting and reminiscing about the good ole days!  

I love great friends and family!!
Hope you enjoyed your 4th as much as we did!!


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