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Monday, September 16, 2013

Busy week & weekend shenanigans

I had a short, but jammed packed week last week. I was off two for a work thing and the other for B's 9 month check up.
He's doing great!  Weighing in at 20lbs and 28in long. He's in the 50th percentile for weight and height. Ky was always in the 90th!!  
He is into everything and is mobile!!  He loves to eat, play with Lu and his sissy, and be outside. He is at such a fun age!
He likes to eat some table foods. His favs are mashed potatoes, carrots, and bread!  
He can now clap his hands, give five, and wave. He is talking more, saying mama, dada, dog, and no no! #mysmartboy
He can also give kisses!

At our new school, on September 11th, we have a parade and program to honor and remember those involved in that tragic day. I was thrilled to be involved with it this year for the first time. It was so neat and moving. Here is ky waiting on the band to start at the parade. 

On Thursday night, we had a GNO that was past due!  We had so much fun...maybe too much fun!!!  
We went to see this sexy hottie and his curly hair!

And we saw Miranda lambert!
She's pretty awesome too!

We had a blast!  They put on an awesome show!  But it was a week night and were old so we were super tired on Friday!!
Oh and we also got rained on!  But it was worth it and it cooled us off!!

Saturday blew!  My team got their tails kicked and the hubs stupid team won!  BoOOo!!!!!   But it was the number 2 team in the nation, so what did we expect?!  I do know that TN is on the uppity up and were in the SWAMP next weekend!!  "Chew some gator!!!"  I'm actually excited about this game!  Come one boys! Don't let me down!!  

The weekend weather was super nice! We took the kids to Ft. Pillow park on Sunday to play. They had a blast, especially Bren!  It was really his first time to play on the equipment and he loved it!  

He so wishes he could play like his sissy!

Well that was my week and weekend!  How was yours?

Here's to an awesome and fast week and to an awesomer and slow, long weekend!


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