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Monday, September 2, 2013

Photo Dump for the iPhone and Catchup

I really don't have much to say this morning, but I do have several pics I want to share. 

A catch up on new school....
Kylee is lovin kindergarten!  She loves her teacher and is starting to come out of her shell, a little. 
She has met a few new friends and plays with them everyday. I am so proud of my big princess!  She sure did grow up fast! 
She is so fun and eager to learn everything. She drives me nuts with her 192 questions per minute, but I know she is just curious about new things. She is so funny and like her daddy when it comes to being observant. She notices everything and soaks it all in!

A Bren update....
He is 9 mths old and growing like a weed! (And believe me weeds grow like crazy!  I just had one in my flower bed that was taller than my rose bush!!) 
He still isn't crawling, but he's getting wherever he wants by scooting across the floor!  I have never seen a baby do this. I've seen the army crawl and the rocking, but this is totally new!  He will get on his knees and tease us and then flops out on the floor and scoots away! Hilarious!
He's eating some table foods. He loves potatoes and carrots and nilla wafers. He can say "dada", "uh" for uh-oh, "mama", and "bye". He'll wave and clap and sometimes give five. He is growing super fast too!  SLOW DOWN!!!!!  Aaaaahhh!
Love that smile!!

Happy Labor Day, by the way!  We spent most of the weekend at the house. It was nice to stay home, but I miss the lake!  It was such a nice getaway!  Dad, if you're reading this....HINT! HINT!
We went to a friends house on Saturday to cook, swim, and watch football. Perfect day and Tennessee won!!  

Happy Football Season!

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