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Monday, September 23, 2013

Princess Weekend

We had a great weekend!!  We celebrated Ky's birthday on Saturday with friends. We went downtown to eat at Kooky Canucks and then to ride the Cinderella carriage!  It was so much fun!  

The girls dressed in their princess dresses and look adorable!  

And Kylee had her on prince charming on the carriage ride! 

We couldn't get him to dress as Prince Charming, but he didn't have to!  He was still charming! 
The carriage took us around downtown, to the trolley station, to a few nice parks, and down by the river. It was a nice little ride!  I only did the 30 minutes because I thought the kids would get restless, but they so would have been ok!  It went by fast and they were loving it!  
Our horses Sammy and Barney were very pretty. We also rode with May, the carriage dog. I think that was B's favorite part!  

For Ky's birthday, Anna got her tickets to Disney on ice so they went to that today. She wore her princess dress AGAIN!  
That's ok....she's getting her wear out of that high dollar thing!!! Lol

She went with Anna and our cousins. She had a blast!  I definitely want to go next year!  She has talked about it since she got home!  
Thanks Annie!!!

And now the weekend is over.....:(. Why does it fly by so quickly!?  

Here's to a happy Monday and a great week!


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