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Friday, October 18, 2013

Play Day

Yesterday we had a superfun day! We spent it with my sister, Anna and our little cousins. It started at Chick Fil A for lunch and ended at Shelby Farms Park. If you've never been to the park, you should go. It is awesome!! The kids had a blast!


Their favorites were the big slide and the seesaw swings.




Even Bren enjoyed it!


I can not believe our Fall Break is on the verge of ending. (This is in my very sad and crying voice.) normally I am thrilled to see Friday, but today, not so much. This week has really flown by and I don't want to see it go! I miss my Firsties, but I enjoy being lazy at home and being able to do fun things like the park all day, everyday!


Well Happy Friday to ya!
I'm going to spend it cleaning a bit and doing something fun with my kiddos!

Nicole (who has the heat on in the house....)

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